Fruit Efficacy: Starfruit

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Fruit Efficacy and Benefits of Starfruit      (Averrhoa carambola L.)

Starfruit plant description:

The plant is hard-trunked and many branches. Height reaches 12 meters. The leaves are oddly finned. The flowers are dyed, reddish white. Fruit grooved, when it’s ripe the color of the fruit is yellowish green skin. Fruit meat contains a lot of water, sweet taste rather acidity, amid the fruit there are many seeds.

Chemical content & pharmacological effects:

  • High fiber: able to prevent the absorption of fat to reduce cholesterol and prevent high blood pressure, also facilitate digestion
  • Vitamin C: anti-cancer
  • Water: fever-lowering, expediting urine, releasing sputum
  • 33mg polyphenols: antioxidants because they can bind to free radicals
  • Potassium and sodium (66: 1): able to lower high blood pressure
  • Potassium and chloride: helps maintain osmotic pressure and acid-base balance.

Benefits of star fruit: antioxidant, anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure, increase immunity, prevent and treat canker sores, facilitate digestion and prevent constipation, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, thinning the phlegm and cough.


Usage Dose:

Internal use:

  • Fruit: eaten as fruit, boiled or in juice drinking water / 4 ml of star fruit juice per day, 4 ml starfruit per day
  • Flowers: 9-24gr, boiled then drink
  • Leaves: 9-12gr, boiled then drink
  • Root: 12-15 gr (fresh: 30-45 gr), boil then drink

External use: Leaves are crushed then dab to the sick place. Squeeze the leaves and  apply the water on the sick. Boiled water leaf to wash


Potions and Dosage:

  1. Uric acid: 1 sweet star fruit, 100gr green mustard, strawberry 50gr, 1 sweet orange, 1 tablespoon honey, 100ml boiled water. Blender all the ingredients. Drink.
  2. Bladder stones: 3-5 fresh sweet star fruit and 30gr honey, steamed in a sealed container, crushed. Consumption every day. Morning and night.
  3. Hiccups: 1-2 fresh star fruit, input and hold in the mouth, chew and swallow. Do it 3-4x a day. Or do when hiccups
  4. Chest tightness accompanied by nausea: take half of sweet pickled star fruit, chew gently. Wait for 3 hours before repeating this dose.
  5. High Blood: 2 sweet starfruits cooked and consume after breakfast and afternoon.


Note (how to prepare):

  • Asaman starfruit: sliced raw fruit star fruit is still raw and dry under the sun to half dry then added vinegar to taste.
  • Asinan Starfruit: sliced raw star fruit is still raw then dry under the sun until half dry then added salt to taste.
  • Manisan Starfruit: sliced raw sweet star fruit then dried under the hot sun until half dry then add sugar to taste.

All the ingredients leave for a while. And use when necessary.

Table of sweet starfruit nutrition per 100 grams

Nutrient content                              Nutritional value

  • Energy                                                31 kkal
  • Protein                                                1,04 g
  • Fat                                                       0,3 g
  • Carbohydrate                                    6,73 g
  • Fiber                                                   2,8 g
  • Sugar                                                  3,98 g
  • Calcium                                              3 mg
  • Iron                                                     0,08 mg
  • Magnesium                                       10 mg
  • Phosphor                                           12 mg
  • Potassium                                          133 mg
  • Sodium                                               2 mg
  • Zinc                                                     0,12 mg
  • Copper                                               0,14 mg
  • Manganese                                        0,04 mg
  • Selenium                                           0,6 mg
  • Vitamin C                                          34,4 mg
  • Vitamin B1                                        0,01 mg
  • Vitamin B2                                        0,02 mg
  • Niacin                                                0,37 mg
  • Vitamin B6                                       0,02 mg
  • Folate                                                 12 mkg
  • Vitamin A                                         170 IU
  • Vitamin E                                         0,15 mg
  • Vitamin K                                         14,6 mcg


  • A, Setiadi Ranti, K. Padmawinata, and A.A sumarji. Department of Pharmacy ITB. Research on the effect of hypoglycemic sweet starfruit juice on white rabbit and diuretic effect on white mice, the result is very good with a certain dosage. Research on analgesic effects
  • Romadhan Surbakti and Ny. Yayang Miryam Arifin. Pharmacology section, FKUI. Research on decreasing cholesterol levels

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This post is also available in: idIndonesian

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