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Born in a small village, fishing village, Asemdoyong village. It’s located on the northern coast of Taman Subdistrict, Pemalang Regency, Central Java.

Sinshe Abu Muhammad Al-Qiyanji is active in traditional classical medicine since not yet attending school. So in his teen years, precisely in 1997 the man who is familiarly called Mas Paris is already practicing his skills. And in 2006 Sinshe Abu Muhammad al-Qiyanji moved from his birthplace to Bekasi. In the city where he lives now , Sinshe Abu Muhammad Al-Qiyanji joined Asosiasi Pengobat Tradisional Ramuan Indonesia ( Traditional Healers Associations of Indonesian Herb).

Sinshe Abu Muhammad Al-Qiyanji have great achievement in the field, so that in 2011 he’s been appointed as the Examination Team for the examination of competence of Traditional Indonesian Medicine (formerly State Examination) by the Ministry of National Education and Competency Certification Institute of Traditional Medicine Competence Indonesia.

For other skill, Sinshe Abu Muhammad Al-Qiyanji also a Classical Acupuncturist and a Sinshe who passed the Competency Test held by the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medical Education Naturopathic Indonesia Association, an institution that has been accredited. Untill now Sinshe Abu Muhammad Al-Qiyanji actively become a member of Naturopathic Association of Indonesia which is a institution of Sinshe and Acupuncturists. Also a member Himpunan Pengobat Tradisional dan Akupunktur (Association of Traditional Healer and Acupuncture) troughout Indonesia.

The activity of Sinshe Abu Muhammad Al-Qiyanji who is the founder of the Lugu Alami Klasik Indonesia Foundation, which was he run until now is:

  • Teacher of Thibbun Nabawi Classical Medicine Education Training at Takhassus Al-Barkah
  • Teacher of Thibbun Nabawi Classical Medicine Education Training at Ma’had Minhajus Sunnah Bogor
  • Classic health consultant at Abu Muhammad Al-Qiyanji Centre Bekasi
  • Classic health consultant at Griya Husada Radio Rodja 756 AM Cileungsi
  • The adviser of Natural Healthy Solutions with Classical Medicine and Thibbun Nabawi on Radio Rodja 756 AM and Rodja TV Cileungsi.

To see the schedule of practice Sinshe Abu Muhammad Al-Qiyanji go to the page Practise and if you want to consult or ask other information go to the page Contact.

This post is also available in: idIndonesian