Fruit Efficacy: Grape

Efficacy And Bennefits of Grape         (Vitis Vinifera)

Grape plant description:

The tree of grapes is propagated and reach a length of 10 meters. The fruit is round or oval with a diameter of 10-15mm and clustered. Its surface is soft and smooth, there is often orange powder like wax. The fruit that still raw it’s color is reddish green or purplish black, when ripe rather clear and thin skin.

The pulp contains a lot of juice and has seeds in it. And this type of grape is diverse and can be grouped into three basic types of grape: old word, north American, and hybrids. The color of the fruit skin is variegated, there are yellow, green, red, and purple. Generally grape is consumed in the form of juice, salad, or eaten directly.

Chemical content & pharmacological effects:

  1. Vitamin A: the body needs for eye health, increase immunity, fight against measles, diarrhea, and other infectious diseases.
  2. Thiamin (Vitamin B1): keep skin healthy, antiberiberi, help the process of protein and fat metabolism.
  3. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): it plays a role in the formation of steroid and glycogen molecules as well. Contributing to the growth of body organs, such as skin, hair and nails.
  4. Pyridoxin (Vitamin B6): it serves to normalize brain function, as well as to help proteins, hormones and red blood cells
  5. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): is a free radical antioxidant
  6. Tocopherol (Vitamin E): a powerful antioxidant, able to protect the body from free radicals well. It also plays a role in maintaining the health of various tissues within the organs, ranging from skin tissue, eyes, red blood cells, to the liver.
  7. Vitamin K: plays a role in the formation of circulatory system and wound cover.
  8. Polyphenols: a powerful antioxidant, and can counteract free radicals, prevent cancer cells. Also play a role in protecting body cells from free radical damage, can reduce the risk of heart disease, blood vessels and cancer. 60-70% of the grape polyphenols are present in the seeds.
  9. Flavonoids are also present in the seeds: they function as powerful antioxidants and work as cancer prevention. It also prevent LDL oxidation of coronary artery walls, have antimicrobial effects, and inhibit fat deposits in blood vessels.

Potions and Dosage:

  1. Red urine or pain urination: 250gr fresh grape and wring it to get the juice, then add water as much as grape juice and drink.
  2. Anemia: red grape 1 oz., 1 oz. bits, all blender with 100ml water, then drink 1x a day.
  3. Low blood: 15gr grapes, durian fruit flesh to taste, blender with enough water, then drunk.
  4. Increase female fertility: 100gr green grape, 2 ripe mangoes, 2 ripe peaches, 125ml juice of sweet oranges, blender all ingredients in juice drink 2x a day.
  5. Prevent premature aging: 1oz grapes, 1oz spinach, sweetened orange juice 150ml, 100ml water, all blended ingredients, split into 2 glasses, drink 2 times a day.

Note: It is not advisable to eat excessive amounts of grape

Fruit Efficacy: Avocado

Efficacy  and Benefits Of Avocado Fruit (Persea Americana)

Avocado plant description :
The tree, high can reach 10 meters, woody stems, and branches. It has single leaves are oval and green. Inflorescence is a panicles, growing on the edge of twigs. The fruit oval shape, ribbon shape or round shape. The color of fruit is green or purple. Ripe avocado pulp is yellow or greenish yellow. The roots include taproot roots.

Chemical content & pharmacological effects:

  • Saponin: binds and lowers cholesterol, stimulates immunity, also prevents coronary heart disease, and as an anti-cancer
  • Alkaloids: used for various diseases such as cancer
  • Flavonoids: a group of plant pigments that provide protection against harmful free radical attacks. Also as anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and anti-viral. As well as antioxidants, slow aging, lower blood cholesterol, and anti-carcinogenic. Play a role in maintaining integrity of the basic substance to encapsulate body tissue so that it not disintegrates. Also its immense influence on the collagen structure and its ability as an active antioxidant makes flavonoids widely used in the treatment of arthritis and hardening of the arteries. This compound will give the color to the fruits and flowers.
  • Tannin: widely used for vaginal discharge, inflammation, slimming, and antiseptic
  • Polyphenols: as anti-cancer substances
  • Fat oil: single-chain unsaturated fatty acids reach 2.13 grams / 100 grams. That can improve cholesterol levels and protect artery damage. Fatty acids are also oleic acids (such as fatty acids contained in almond and olive oil). Oleic acid is an omega-9 fatty acid that can lower total cholesterol and LDL, but otherwise increase HDL
  • Vitamin A: plays a role in various physiological functions, such as maintaining eye health. Also maintaining cell differentiation processes and maintaining immune function. And it plays a role in protein synthesis process, as well as in reproduction process, and prevents cancer and heart disease.
  • Vitamin B: part of the enzymes that play a role in the body process. For example in producing energy, fat metabolism, cholesterol and carbohydrates. As well as the manufacture of some body compounds such as sex hormones and adrenaline.
  • Vitamin D: helps in the formation and maintenance of bone together with vitamin A and C
  • Vitamin E: acts as an antioxidant that can reduce the adverse effects of free radicals, aging processes, and carcinogens.  Also serves to maintain the integrity of cell membranes, synthetic DNA. It prevent coronary heart disease, prevent miscarriage and sterilization, and prevent menstrual disorders.

Potions and dosage:

Usage Dosage:

  • Internal: 3-6 leaves
  • external: Seeds or pulp sufficiently


  1. Kidney stones: Fresh avocado leaves 7 strands, Water 110 ml. Brewed avocado with 1 glass of water. Drink 2x a day morning and evening. Repeat it until the kidney stone comes out in the form of crystals, sand or froth.
  2. Bronchitis: drink avocado leaf tea
  3. High Blood: Leaf avocado 3 strands, Water 1 cup. Brewed avocado leaves with hot water, leave to cool. Drink the concoction at once
  4. Irregular menstruation: drink avocado leaf tea
  5. Diabetes: Avocado seeds sufficiently. Enough water. Seeds are roasted over a fire and cut into small pieces. Then boiled with clean water until the water becomes brown, then strain. Drink the potion in a cold state


  • Leaves: Kidney Stones, Bronchitis, High Blood, Dysentery, Stomach Pain, Nerve Pain, Bladder Stones, Headache, Stomach Pain, Irregular Menstruation
  • Pulp: Skin Refiner, Sprue, High Cholesterol Levels
  • Seeds: Toothache, Diabetes



Esti mumpuni, 1989.

Faculty of Pharmacy UGM

Advisor: DR. Ediati S. Apt. And DR Sasmito, Apt.

Conducting avocado leaf research to dissolve calcium kidney stones